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Before considering applying for membership of DPC please carefully read all of the rules in which our club is governed.

Rules of Incorporation and Statement of Purposes

Doongala Pony Club is incorporated under the Incorporated Associations Act of Victoria (the Act).

The Act requires the club to have a complying set of rules of incorporation and statement of purpose. The rules of incorporation are the primary rules that deal with the legal existence of the club and basic operation requirements under the Incorporated Associations Act of Victoria (the Act). The rules of incorporation detail the constitutional rules for membership, management requirements, club committees and disputes hence, it is also often referred to as the 'constitution'. However, there are other rules that evolve from applying the rules of incorporation, such as ground use, membership caps, rally procedures. Rules of that type are contained in the clubs By-laws as these are aspects not required to be in the rules of incorporation.

By-Laws: Please Read Here

The Doongala Pony Club Inc. committee of management at its meetings, passes resolutions that are recorded in its minutes. Any resolutions that are procedures of the club and therefore, relevant to all members, are published as by-laws. The by-laws are an easy way to reference committee decisions, without the need to search back through minutes or rely on memory. The by-laws are rules of the club that each club member must abide. The by-laws do not replace the rules of incorporation but sit under and work in conjunction with the rules of incorporation.

PCAV Rules

All rules of Doongala Pony Club must be read in conjunction with each other and the rules of the Pony Club Association of Victoria Inc: - PCAV rules.

Grading & Assessment Form

Pony Club NEW member registration link

PCAV Membership Renewal Link

Bit Less Bridles Link


Fee Structure  2018 / 2019

Registrations Close 1st June 

Membership: New and Renewals Here 

(Parents also have to take out free membership with PCAV as a Club Supporter and hold a current Working with Children Check)

Tiny Trots $318 

Attends all rally's. Riders attend only half rally day due to age and riding ability.

Junior Riding Member $418.00 

Attends all rally's. Under 17 years. 

Associate Riding Member  $438.00
Attends all rally's. Over 17 years 


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