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About Us

Doongala Pony Club is part of the Pony Club Association of Victoria (PCAV), which is comprised of over 205 clubs totaling more than 8,000 members. These clubs are divided into ten zones. Doongala Pony Club is part of the Southern Metropolitan Zone which consists of 18 clubs. The Pony Club organisation is worldwide and we are affiliated with the Equestrian Australia and the British Horse Society teaching Olympic disciplines including dressage, show jumping and cross country.

The Doongala Pony Club grounds are situated at the foot of the Dandenong Mountains on 13 acres of land and bush.  Our cross country course is spread throughout the Doongala Forest and on the main oval, catering from pre-grade 5 to grade 1. We are lucky to have a wonderful group of committed parents who understand that being a member means becoming involved and helping to become a part of the Doongala Pony Club community.

Upon joining Doongala, you will be joining a youth organisation to share a common interest in horses with other young people. We aim to encourage you to ride and learn to enjoy all approved kinds of horse sport, to provide instruction in horsemanship and horse mastership and to teach you to care properly for your horse. It will give you an opportunity to be involved in a Club with young people with similar interests.

We understand that the PCAV is a youth movement that can only survive with volunteer help. Doongala Pony Club is beginning to develop a community who understands these commitments.


Mission statement: Taking life by the reins
  1. To encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all approved types of sport connected with horses and riding.
  2. To provide instruction in horse-mastership and to instil in members the proper care of their animals.
  3. Through this medium to promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty, thereby cultivating strength of character and self discipline in the members.
  4. To affiliate with the Pony Club Association of Victoria.
  5. We shall ride and compete for the pleasure of the game but always take winning and losing in our stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, the sport loses its enjoyment.
Pony Club place in Order of Importance

-The safety of the rider

-The comfort of the horse

-The enjoyment of the rider

-The progress of the rider

The Pony Club aim is not to produce individual riders of exceptional ability, rather to help ALL members improve their riding skills and to enjoy the experience.

Pony Club Membership

In Victoria, Pony Club membership is open to people less than 26 years of age, of any riding ability. Ordinary members are those under 17 years of age, whilst Senior Members are those 17 years and under 26 years of age. Riding Membership ceases at 26 years, but a number of former riders remain with their Club as Adult Supporters, Committee members and Instructors, thus continuing their interest and involvement. Membership of Pony Club provides children and young adults with the opportunity to build and develop character, responsibility and consideration for others through their involvement with a living animal, which is an excellent medium for developing these attributes. Riding is also one of the few sports where male and female can participate on an equal basis.

Pony Club Mounts

Much care is needed when selecting a horse/pony for a Pony Club member, as it needs to be reasonably well mannered and obedient, and able to be ridden safely with other horses and ponies. A horse needs to be 4 years old before being allowed to jump. Pony Clubs are an excellent starting point for further enquiries regarding the selection of suitable ponies. Parents need to be certain that they and their children are fully aware of all the responsibilities and commitments of owning and caring for a horse before they consider purchasing one. If in doubt about the commitment and level of responsibility a child will take on when owning a pony, it may be better to hold off from the final purchase. It may be more realistic to hire or lease a pony in the early days, so as to gauge how committed the child will be.

Doongala Rally Days

Rallies are held on the second Sunday of the month with two exceptions; there is no rally in January and the May rally is held on the third Sunday of the month to avoid Mother's Day.



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